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Misty Cloud (Lemon Scent)

  • Bring on the sweat, LONG-LASTING odor protection · First Time Buyer 30-day Guarantee
  • Goes on smooth · non-sticky · non-staining · no flaking, crumbling, or white residue
  • Keep your skin safe · non-toxic · vegan · cruelty-free
  • Rock the NO list · NO aluminum · NO alcohol · NO parabens · NO propylene glycol · NO BS and seriously NO BO
  • Family owned & handcrafted in USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Rachel C.
    Amazing product and customer service

    This product works great doesn't burn my armpits like most other natural deodorants and it covers up the smell. Second time I ordered the product I input the wrong address and they refunded me my money once they received the product back. I advised them that I have gave them the wrong address they updated my address in their system.

    Laurie S.
    Great "unisex" product!

    TIP: This is a great deodorant for women, too! Just a little goes a long way. I have discovered that you use less and it goes on smoother if you quickly run the deodorant stick under water first, and then apply... two quick swipes and you're done! Lasts all day. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming! It generally doesn't stain clothing (as long as you do not over-apply it) and in most cases, it shouldn't cause a rash (unless you have an unusual allergy, or over-apply). I have my whole family using Zaffre deodorant products because it is (in my opinion) one of the safer choices out there, containing the purest ingredients. I searched a long time for the right thing and was happy when I found and tried Zaffre. Customer service is top-notch and they provide honest, prompt feedback. All big pluses for a health conscious mother and grandmother!

    Carly S.

    I'm a naturally sweaty person and this deodorant has worked miracles for me!

    Gina M.
    Love this deodorant!!

    Started using this brand and scent (youthful love) about 6 months ago and I won't use any other deodorant ever again. I used to buy the crap brands (not organic) at the store and now I know what a waste of money that was. This company also has excellent customer service!

    Mark L.

    This is a matural deodorant that actually works. Highly recommend it!