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Scottish Meadow (Woodsy Scent)

  • Bring on the sweat, LONG-LASTING odor protection · First Time Buyer 30-day Guarantee
  • Goes on smooth · non-sticky · non-staining · no flaking, crumbling, or white residue
  • Keep your skin safe · non-toxic · vegan · cruelty-free
  • Rock the NO list · NO aluminum · NO alcohol · NO parabens · NO propylene glycol · NO BS and seriously NO BO
  • Family owned & handcrafted in USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Peter S.
    Only natural deoderant that works when active/for sports

    My wife and I have been into organic/non-GMO/natural products and food long before it became a big movement in the US. We have tried numerous natural/non aluminum based deodorant and this is by far the best we have ever tried. It even works on my during hard workouts in the gym and even after I get done with cardio and I sweat very heavily! Sad how much you need to pay these days for quality natural products but this is worth the $ just as long as there are no more price increases for some years.


    After much research, I switched to Zaffre two years ago and now this is the ONLY deodorant I will use. I have turned my whole family on to Zaffre and all our grandkids are getting these in their stockings for Christmas... nothing like the gift of health! Not only is the product made with safer ingredients, but the company cares that you are a satisfied customer and will work to earn and keep your business. They are fully transparent and take the time to communicate directly following any inquiry.


    Super seamless transaction with quick delivery.

    Burt R.
    Best Natural Deodorant

    I've gone through 1/2 a dozen different natural deodorants that didn't work and this is the only one that does. You have to blow your hairdryer over it for 5 seconds so it goes on your skin smoothly. Otherwise, it goes quickly and it's expensive. But the bottom line is that it works well without giving me a rash.