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Denim Stone (Musk Scent)

  • Bring on the sweat, LONG-LASTING odor protection · First Time Buyer 30-day Guarantee
  • Goes on smooth · non-sticky · non-staining · no flaking, crumbling, or white residue
  • Keep your skin safe · non-toxic · vegan · cruelty-free
  • Rock the NO list · NO aluminum · NO alcohol · NO parabens · NO propylene glycol · NO BS and seriously NO BO
  • Family owned & handcrafted in USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    These are too good

    OK, my problem is that I can't decide which scent is the best. And the dam things last soooooo long and I have to wait until the stick is finished before I get to try the next scent. Maybe I'm just going to have to order all of them at once.

    To be honest, I have 4 scents already in my medicine cabinet, and it's hard to even decide which scent I'll put on each morning. I admit that sometimes I even mix 2 scents together on my arm pit. Sounds a little indulgent and sacrilegious though.

    The best part, though, is that if I don't like a particular scent (fat chance of this happening) then I can absolutely return it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! I mean, what business runs like that? That's crazy!

    Jonathan H.
    Awesome perfoming deodorant!

    Protects all day easily, can last 2 days for me. No other deodorant performs as well as Zaffre.

    This all natural fragrance is clean, beachy and slightly spicy up front with a vanilla-like hint, and then has an icy hot heart where the spice becomes a bit warmer but it gets a fresh grassy/minty chill with some sweetness still present. Has hints of clover/moss then it finishes with smooth fresh wood. Fragrance isn't overbearing as it's on you and lasts 6ish hours, blends well with other scents too.

    The consistency and application are excellent, smooth and dry with no flaking or staining.

    Yakov S.
    All day performance

    I absolutely love this deodorant. It lasts all day long even in the Arizona heat.

    Mathew K.
    Keeps me smelling good

    The tea tree oil smell is a little overwhelming. But this is the best smelling natural deodorant I could find. It keeps body odor to a minimum.