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Sunrise Blush (Floral Scent)


  • Bring on the sweat, LONG-LASTING odor protection · First Time Buyer 30-day Guarantee
  • Goes on smooth · non-sticky · non-staining · no flaking, crumbling, or white residue
  • Keep your skin safe · non-toxic · vegan · cruelty-free
  • Rock the NO list · NO aluminum · NO alcohol · NO parabens · NO propylene glycol · NO BS and seriously NO BO
  • Family owned & handcrafted in USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Rebecca Shields
    Lovely subtle floral scent not overpowering

    Another great scent I tried this one a couple years ago and wanted to give it some more love! I love all the scents I’ve tried from Zaffre and the formula of this deodorant is my favorite! One stick will last you for months! Super long lasting and feels nice gliding on the underarms. In this heat wave I have remained sweat and B.O free.


    I've tried a lot of natural deodorants, and Zaffre is my favorite. I think it does the best job of keeping body odor at bay, and its scents are wonderful.

    Linda R.

    Great stuff

    Ann E.
    Nice Deo - Strong Scent

    While I like this deo for the most part, the scent is very strong. It has a gingery smell - which is nice but again, just strong. My armpits get damp but never smelly. It goes on pretty smoothly. Overall I like it but am still getting used to the scent.

    Kimberly B.
    Keeps me dry! Finally!

    Had tried so many deodorants, trying to find one that kept me dry. So far, this is doing it! I am very happy about it! A client had told me to try this product and said it would work and it does! I am not keen on the smell, as it smells rather masculine. I am hoping more scents will come out later, like lavender or vanilla.